Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Das Auto. Magazine: One brand magazine for all communication channels

Now available and ready for adaption: the first issue of the new Volkswagen brand magazine “Das Auto. Magazine” This print edition is part of the new international cross media concept for a new customer dialogue - in print, web and app. With our new journalistic style, all possibilities are deployed, to explore the according media channels.

Including the following highlights:

discover more. Golf Special count up Six Generations of Golf. Six stories of Golf.
the new Golf Photo shooting with number VII in Das Auto.Magazine.
technology Overview of the ten most important highlights.
the Designers Walter de Silva und Klaus Bischoff.

think ahead.MQB Everything you wanted to know about the Modular Transverse Matrix, which determines the construction of the new Golf.
sustainability Renewable resources are increasingly used in industry. Pioneers demonstrate where the journey leads.
journey into blue Volkswagen offers the proper drive for every user type.
assistance systems Thanks to the use of high technology, driving is safer and more comfortable.

live smarter.
car wash Volkswagen experts for cleaning receive a visit from highly motivated filthy buggers.
a polo in pune Building constructor Amit Gandhi takes us on a tour of his booming country.
freedom The dream of great unbounding freedom can still be realized with the Volkswagen Van.

Source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

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