Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Skoda Winter Health Check

The checklist focuses on the key areas of a vehicle that may suffer the most during the winter months: 1. Lights These are inspected for any blown bulbs and incorrect beam alignment. Essential for keeping lights nice and bright as the days get darker. 2. Wiper blades Visibility can be at a premium during the winter months, so all blades are looked at for wear and damage. 3. Windscreen washer fluid A clean and dry windscreen means better visibility. The vehicle will be topped up with the correct antifreeze fluid to prevent any ice build-ups. 4. Brakes Responsive brakes are essential at any time of year, but in winter they are even more important. Discs, pads and fluid levels are inspected as part of the check to ensure perfect operation. 5. Tyres Often taken for granted, tyres are put under enormous stress during the winter months. ŠKODA technicians will thoroughly check the condition of all tyres, highlighting any potential problem areas. To help owners get the most out of their vehicles in cold and wet conditions, ŠKODA retailers are also offering winter tyre packages at very competitive prices. Winter tyres are designed with special tread patterns that deliver improved grip at temperatures below 7ºC, and are recommended for all drivers venturing out over the colder months. 6. Battery Cold weather can put a great strain on the battery, so this key component is evaluated thoroughly as part of the winter check. 7. Air-conditioning It may sound like an unusual thing to worry about in winter, but air conditioning is a great ally in the battle to keep windscreens and windows mist-free. The state of the system and its effectiveness will be assessed. Source:

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