Monday, 27 July 2015

VW Automatic headlight range control

Ensures the optimum headlight setting and illumination of the road ahead. It keeps your beam range constant, however heavily your car is loaded, stopping your headlights from shining too high and dazzling oncoming traffic. The control function automatically adjusts the headlights' angle, depending on the load in your car.
It comes in either static or dynamic versions. Static systems adjust to compensate for the extra weight of the passengers and their luggage. The control unit processes information it receives from tilt sensors in addition to signals from the electronic speedometer and the ABS braking control unit. It can then work out whether the car is stationary or travelling at a constant speed.
The dynamic system can also correct the headlight setting when your car is pulling away, speeding up and slowing down by monitoring changes in the speed signals via its powerful control unit. Its actuator motor also adjusts at a higher speed to correct the headlight range within a fraction of a second. Automatic headlight range adjustment is a legal requirement on vehicles fitted with Bi-Xenon headlights.
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