Sunday, 6 May 2012

Seat Cars: For You...

Sporty, fun and alluring, Seat cars are incredibly popular among young car enthusiasts. How did this firm start up?

Located in Spain, Seat was launched on May 9, 1950 as a subsidiary of Fiat. Their headquarters are located in Martorell in Spain. 

It is now a fully owned subsidiary of the German Volkswagen Group. Seat entered the export market in 1969, first exporting cars to Colombia. 

While their core market lies in Europe still now, they are successful in Mexico and South America as well. At present Seat cars are available in more than 70 countries. 

In 2002 Seat became a member of Audi brand group. They have made in-roads in China recently. Alhambra, Leon, Altea, Exeo etc. are the most popular models of Seat brand. Moreover, sports oriented cars with unique features are also available.

Should you buy a Seat car? While you are going to purchase a car you need to consider some factors...

  1. The look of the car: we often see that most of the people give their first priority to the out look of the cars. Seat has produced so many models in the market that are unique and good looking. 
  2. Car's power: the engine of the cars is strong and more powerful. Moreover Seat places a premium on safety and security. 
  3. Luxuries: seat cars possess all the quality and advantages of a suitable car. The facilities of the cars are beyond your imagination.   
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Seat cars are gaining popularity because they serve customer satisfaction and after sales service. An overwhelming response for Seat cars has been experienced for the last two decades.

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