Monday, 7 May 2012

What Is Skoda?

A lot of European car lovers have a passion for skoda cars. Skoda cars are known, first and foremost, for their style, performance and luxury. Skoda cars have set a new standard in the car industry because they are distinctive.

Their exclusive design, luxury and high quality materials are well known. Buyers say they're attractive to look at and pleasant to spend time in. BBC's Top Gear has also featured them prominently. Skoda, the company, is based in the Czech Republic and was founded in 1895.

Now skoda has become the entry brand of the Volkswagen group. There are many models available. All the models are attractive and exclusive because of engine power, safety and design.

The company has spread their facilities in China, Czech Republic, India, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine recently. Skoda has launched the models: Citigo, Fabia, Octavia, Rapid, Superb and Yeti. Skoda Joyster and Skoda 110 Super Sport (Ferat) are also popular among sporty car lovers. The upcoming models are more stylish and exclusive.

Actually skoda cars are gaining more popularity among the car lovers because of high performance, low running costs and remarkable value for money.

Skoda’s move to the Indian car market has been proved smooth as well. The first cars of skoda company in India were well accepted by the Indian car consumers. Skoda cars possess all the facilities of a modern luxury car. The power of engine is beyond your imagination. Skoda cars will give the people real pleasure and service all time.

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