Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Travel Tips

Useful tips when driving on holiday in the UK and abroad
  1. Make sure you are carrying the necessary equipment in your Volkswagen when travelling, particularly abroad, such as a GB sticker displayed on the back of your car.
  2. You will need to make sure you are aware of the speed limits and road rules for all of the countries you are driving through or in.
  3. Fuel prices can be more expensive in certain areas of the UK and in other countries so it is advisable to fill up your fuel tank before you set off.
  4. Driving long distances can be both exhausting and stressful. To avoid feeling this way try planning your journey in advance with planned stops along the way. This insures everybody gets a break from being in the car and the driver can have a short rest from driving.
  5. Road tolls can be quite common, particularly abroad. Make sure you know if the roads you plan to travel on will involve a toll fee and try to have the correct change to make life easier.
  6. Ensure that everyone in your Volkswagen car is wearing their seat belts, car seats are well fitted with child securely fastened in and that all luggage is secure.
  7. Technology such as Sat Nav of Mobile Apps are brilliant when planning a journey but it is also wise to carry a map of the area you are driving in, just in case technology fails you.
  8. Make sure you are carrying all the right paperwork with you such as driving licences, travel insurance, passports and V5 registration document if necessary.
  9. Keep your passengers happy. If you have children take enough toys and music to keep them entertained. Also take a supply of food and drink, this will come in most handy if you have to stop somewhere without facilities.
  10. Finally, make sure before you set off that your Volkswagen is in good condition. There is nothing worse than a holiday being cut short before you have even reached your destination due to a flat tyre or something similar. Take your Volkswagen to your local participating retailer and have a Travel Check done for just £25 for peace of mind.
Source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

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