Friday, 15 November 2013

A7 Sportback Night vision assistant with Pedestrian Detection

With the optional Night Vision assistant, an integral thermal imaging camera, discretely mounted in the front grill, significantly improves safety and comfort when driving at night. Helping drivers’ spot hazards beyond the view illuminated by the headlight beam the thermal camera registers heat sources that are located near, or approaching, the route ahead. Located in the Driver’s Information System, between the speedometer and rev counter a camera’s eye view of the road ahead is displayed to the driver. The system will highlight people using their heat source. Typically a person standing by the side of the road would be highlighted in yellow, indicating they are outside of the vehicles route, however should the person start to walk towards the road the advanced image processing system will identify that they could walk into the car’s path and will highlight them in red, providing additional warning to the driver. Source:

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