Saturday 10 November 2012

I want to buy a new Volkswagen Passenger Car – how long will it take to deliver?

For a bespoke new car that is ordered directly from the factory, lead times will vary depending on which model and specification you choose, and where your car is being built due to extended shipping times. Your Retailer has up-to-date information on lead times and we encourage you to discuss this with them if a short lead time is important to you.
Volkswagen UK operates what is called a 'managed supply' system for most models, to ensure a fair distribution of available production across the Retailer network. This means each Retailer is allocated a set number of cars on a rolling three month basis. So when you place an order, it’s advisable to check which month's allocation your car is intended for – and if allocation is not available, whether it’s possible to order from another Retailer or when more vehicles may become available.
We have a number of new vehicles built and available in our Retailer and central stocks, covering the majority of our range. If a short lead time is important to you, flexibility on some of your choices such as colour and optional extras could mean you are driving away with a new car sooner than you think. Please talk to the Retailer with whom you placed your order to discuss options available to you.


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