Wednesday 9 October 2013

Audi ultra - the future of lightweight automotive construction

For a long time, the use of plastics in premium vehicles was frowned upon. But what used to be referred to with disdain is now a high-quality, high-tech material that opens up completely new possibilities for lightweight automotive construction. Carbon fibre-reinforced polymers (CFRPs) are extremely interesting; they can be processed in a variety of ways and can be moulded into virtually any form. In addition to the variety of processing options, the weight is also a key advantage: CFRPs are approximately 60 percent lighter than steel. Fibreglass reinforced plastics (FGRPs) are of particular interest for lightweight construction when used in combination with other materials. FGRPs are also extremely strong even when used alone, for example in the form of seat pans with undercarriage made solely from FGRP – they are 31.5 kilograms lighter than the standard production seats. Innovative materials are already used in every new Audi. source:

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