Tuesday, 15 May 2012

VW Cars in the Indian Car Market

As one of the world's newest luxury markets, India is one of the affluent countries in the world. Full of millionaires. And these wealthy Indians have a passion for luxury cars and that is why Volkswagen cars are poised to do well in this market.

Because Volkswagen cars are really impressive and gorgeous looking, there is a great possibility for VW cars to be successful there.

VW group has released so many beautiful models so far. They are nothing but the combination of latest technology and customer satisfaction.

And they provide after sales service to their clients. Quality is the prime feature of VW cars. All the models have powerful engines, are exclusive and great looking.

The Volkswagen Golf, Passat, Beetle, Bentley, Fox, Polo, Phaeton etc. are the most popular models so far we have noticed.

The Audi, Seat, Lamborghini, Porsche, Skoda are also well known subsidiary brands of Volkswagen group.

Volkswagen is mainly a German automobile company but is now positioned as the largest automaker in Europe.

The core market of Volkswagen group lies in Germany and China. Volkswagen now is taking aim at Indian car market to expand their business.

This untapped market is the main cause of success here. Volkswagen offers various luxury models in the Indian car market such as VW Polo, VW Vento, VW Jetta and VW Touareg.

Volkswagen India PVT. LTD. established a production plant in 2007. VW company has to compete with other automobile companies like Toyota and Honda in India because of their entry time. But it is sure that the future of VW corporation is bright in India.

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