Tuesday 30 July 2013

Q7 safety technologies

Electronic Stability Programme (ESP)

The Q7’s ESP provides an intelligent, swift response to difficult driving situations. The system is capable of braking individual wheels to the limits of their grip, whilst simultaneously adjusting the engine management settings, to ensure safe braking – whatever the conditions.

High-performance braking system

The Q7’s high-performance brake system combines short braking distances, sensitive control and optimum cooling, for a consistently effective performance even after repeated applications. ABS antilock braking and EBD provide extra peace of mind if you need to stop suddenly.


In the event of a side impact, side airbags will activate, preventing occupant injury. The head-level airbag covers the entire front and rear side-window including the A-post area.

Anti Slip Regulation (ASR)

ASR cuts the power to any wheel that has lost traction, so the Q7 continues to accelerate safely while keeping you on the road.

Intelligent airbag system

In the event of an accident, intelligent impact sensors – including an innovative ‘up-front’ sensor – will detect the severity and nature of the impact and trigger the appropriate occupant protection systems.

Source: www.audi.co.uk

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