Monday, 15 December 2014

Tachoscope® The Anniversary Watch

A very special anniversary. A very special chronograph. 100 Years of Audi is being celebrated with the Tachoscope®, a high-quality, exclusive timepiece with a limited production of just 100 watches in platinum or white gold. Audi chose to collaborate with the Munich-based watchmaker Chronoswiss, as both companies share a passion for technical perfection. The fruit of their labour: a watchmaking masterpiece that combines precise mechanical engineering and innovative functions with sporty Audi design.
The timepiece combines a regulator dial, a chronograph featuring a stopwatch operated by a single button, and a tachometer dial, while the crown resembles a gear. The chronometric accuracy relies on the quality of the Glucydur balance of the manufactory movement of the Tachoscope®, which carries out 21,600 oscillations per hour with its auto-compensating flat hairspring. The result is 1/6 of a second stopwatch accuracy, impressive functionality and a special homage to Audi's motorsport success.

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