Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Designing ŠKODA vehicles

All ŠKODA models are designed at the design center in Mladá Boleslav, relying on many years of tradition in technical know-how, combined with modern scientific findings and experience. During this process, our designers seek perfection. Passion and love for their work are manifested in every single detail of the vehicle models they create.
All ŠKODA designs derive from ŠKODA concepts and ŠKODA Auto corporate design. They aim visually to accentuate the virtues of ŠKODA – precision, dynamic, and tradition – so that the vehicles are instantly distinguishable from other competitors‘ vehicles. The domineering and original mask of the cooler is one of the principal identity marks of all the three model lines of ŠKODA vehicles and a clear sign of affiliation with this trademark. Other original elements of the ŠKODA design are indentations in the front hood’s profile – starting from the corners of the cooler mask, crossing the company logo in the middle, and gradually elevated towards the front windshield, where they disappear.

Article source: www.skoda.co.uk

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