Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Volkswagen at the CES 2016: World Premiere of the BUDD-e

The Volkswagen zero-emission van opens the window to 2019
BUDD-e gets the Internet of Things, and thus the whole world, on board
BUDD-e is the first concept car based on the new MEB Modular Electric Drive Kit
Interactive and networked world of infotainment opens a window to the year 2019
Ten key facts - The BUDD-e in keywords
  1. The zero-emission van is the first Volkswagen concept car based on the new Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB).
  2. BUDD-e has electric four-wheel drive; the front electric motor produces 110 kW, while the rear motor produces 125 kW.
  3. The energy content of the battery (92.4 kWh) enables a range of up to 233 miles (EPA estimated real-world driving range) or 533 kilometers (NEFZ).
  4. With the BUDD-e Volkswagen creates a new human-machine interface (HMI) as a pioneering instrument and operating concept.
  5. The Active Info Display and head unit (infotainment system) merge into an interactive world.
  6. BUDD-e demonstrates the car in the Internet of Things. Smart Home allows you to access your home from the car.
  7. Using a tablet and the Volkswagen Travel App it is possible to program songs to start exactly at specific points on your route.
  8. Gesture control 2.0 allows the car to be operates intuitively. Even the doors can be opened with a gesture.
  9. The multifunction steering wheel's new touch system corresponds with the HMI and makes operation more intuitive than ever before.
  10. Clean design breathes the brand's history, while simultaneously setting its sights firmly on the immediate future.
To the point - The world premiere of the BUDD-e
Wolfsburg / Las Vegas, January 2016. Volkswagen is opening a gateway to the future at the CES in Las Vegas. The time machine: a zero-emission vehicle - the avant-garde BUDD-e minivan. The first model based on an equally new and progressive Volkswagen technology matrix for electric vehicles. The van's range: up to 233 miles (USA/FTP 72) or 533 kilometers (Europe/NEDC). And BUDD-e also has charisma with its iconic design. A Volkswagen that breathes the brand's history, while simultaneously setting its sights on the immediate future with precise clarity. And it is as networked as possible, making BUDD-e a mobile interface between the world on board and the outside world. The car in the Internet of Things. With access to your home - Smart Home - or your workplace. Equipped with next generation Infotainment to turn travel into an interactive experience. BUDD-e offers a completely new method of operation and information processing. Everything is more intuitive than ever before. Touch and gesture control merge seamlessly; switches and buttons are a thing of the past; individual displays blend into large infotainment panels; analog mirrors are replaced by digital screens. The matrix of these new, interactive infotainment and operating systems gently launches passengers aboard the Volkswagen concept car forward - to the end of the decade.

Article source: www.volkswagen.co.uk

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