Monday, 15 June 2015

Audi A6 ultra goes the distance and sets new world record

GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS confirms title after A6 TDI ultra is driven to 14 countries on a single tank of fuel
  • 14 countries and 1158.9 miles covered on one tank of diesel
  • Audi A6 TDI ultra averaged 75.9mpg overall
  • The #RecordRoadTrip began in Maastricht at 9.48am (GMT) on Tuesday 9 June and ended in Hungary at 12.44pm (GMT) on Wednesday 10 June
  • 28 hours of driving completed almost non-stop by Andrew Frankel and Rebecca Jackson
  • World record galvanises the Audi ultra philosophy of pioneering efficiency
Audi and the RAC have officially set a new GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title by driving to 14 countries on a single tank of fuel. The unmodified Audi A6 TDI ultra chosen for the challenge comfortably exceeded its official 67mpg-plus potential by averaging a remarkable 75.9mpg and completing a total of 1158.9 miles without the need for a fuel-stop.
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