Monday, 8 June 2015


The six-speed tiptronic transmission unites automatic shifting comfort and outstanding driveability.
With the six-speed tiptronic, all gearshifts are completed with a minimum of interruption in power flow.
The tiptronic transmission lets the driver override the automatic mode by moving the lever into a second (tiptronic) shift gate. This allows, for example, downshifting to increase the braking effect of the engine on winding mountain roads. 
The six-speed tiptronic features an additional sport programme. It has later shift points, allowing the driver to adopt a more sporty driving style. 
The dynamic shift program (DSP), which is integrated in all tiptronic transmissions, automatically selects the optimum gear. The transmission detects the car’s driving behaviour and adapts its gearshift strategy to the conditions and the driver’s driving style.
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